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Simple Check-In vs Standard Check-In
Simple Check-In vs Standard Check-In
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When you create your account the standard check-in workflow is enabled, when you go to check-in a booking no matter what type of booking it is, the following popup will appear, the system will display the booking reference, the service booked and any additional services (so you can confirm everything with the customer), you can quickly see if the pet has any missing vaccinations, any tags linked to the booking, customer, or pet. You can also see if the customer has signed a Digital Waiver, and enter in their belongings.

Now if you would prefer, not to see this popup when you click the check-in button you can turn this off by enabling Simple Checkin.

Note: If you use the Daycare Credits feature or the Daycare Subscription feature you will need to leave this feature turned on as this popup will assign credits to bookings upon check-in.

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