Adding Additional Services

You can add any additional services you offer your customers into KennelBooker

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If you offer any additional services that your customers can avail of during their pets bookings such as; extra walks, one-on-one time, a bath at the end of their stay etc

You can add your services into KennelBooker on the 'Additional Services' tab in the settings page.

Additional Services Settings

There are a few settings you can enable for the additional services;

  1. You can let customers add services to their booking on the online system, and 

  2. You can have KennelBooker auto schedule services automatically so if the customer chooses to add a walk for each day of their booking KennelBooker will add a date against each of the walk entries, you can set KB up to exclude the checkin and out days for auto scheduling. e.g. for a Monday to Friday booking you may not do walk on the Mon & Fri, so if you choose the 'Every Day' option when adding services to a booking - the checkin and out days will be excluded.

Creating Additional Services

You can add services by clicking on the [+ New Service] button. Add in the name of the service, a description of the service and its price. You can also specify what booking types and pet types this service will appear for.

If you wish to be able to schedule a service make sure the [Schedule] checkbox is ticked.

Adding Services to a Booking

When you have added your services you can add services to your bookings in one of two ways;

When on the booking screen click on the [Add Services] button, In the popup select the service you wish to add and the quantity required.

Once Added the the service will appear on the booking!

Or you can click on the [Services] link on the booking sub menu

On the new page you will see the service we just added. From here you can add additional services to the booking, set a date/time for existing services, add notes, modify the price and assign a staff member to the service. Once the service is complete click on [Complete] button or you can Delete the service by clicking on the [X] button.

Sorting Additional Services

By default the system will sort all services alphabetically, if you wish to you can manually sort the list of services so that they show in the order the you prefer.

To do this from the Additional Services settings page, enable the 'Manually Sort Additional Services' option in the top panel.

Once saved go into the services and assign a sort number to each of the services in the sort order box, eg assign 1 to the service that you wish to appear first, and 2 to the services to appear second.

Pro Tip, assign each service an number in increments of 10, e.g. 10, 20, 30 , 40 etc. this will allow you space to either move services around or allow you space to add new services into the system as you grow!

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