On our online booking tool you can get your customer to digitally sign their name on your booking waivers when setting up their account (if you have a general catch all waiver for all booking types) or you can make them sign a different waiver for each service you offer when they go to make a booking!

Customers without a online account can sign the waiver by clicking on a link that can be added to your booking confirmation email templates.

You can add Waiver into KennelBooker on the 'Online Tool' tab in the setting area, click on the Cogs icon in the main menu, then click on the 'Online Tool' tab. And go to the 'Online Booking Waivers' panel.

We will now add a new waiver into the system for Boarding Bookings. Click on the Add Waiver button, On the next screen enter you waiver text, choose you booking type, and Save the waiver.

Once added to the system, your new waiver will appear on the online system for signing. The customer must sign their name and agree the terms by clicking the checkbox and click the Agree button. Once a customer agrees to the terms they can proceed with their booking.

Once a waiver is signed you will see how many of a particular type of waiver has been signed in the settings area.

Booking Screen

When view the customers bookings you will see signed waivers highlighted at the top of the booking

If the customers does not have a waiver signed at the top of the booking screen, you can click at the [Sign Now] button to let the customer sign in store.

Customers Profile Page

Also if you click into the customers profile you can see when exactly the waiver was signed, and the associated IP Address.

You can view the waiver by clicking into it to see there signature

if you need to change your waivers you can delete all signed waivers from the system easily by clicking into the settings page, opening up the waiver and clicking on the [Delete Signed Waivers] button.

Booking Confirmation Templates

In your booking confirmation templates all you need to do is add the following placeholder link,


Once added the system will swap this placeholder with a hyperlink to our digital booking waiver page, the waiver page includes your companies logo

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