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Set up recurring subscriptions on your Stripe account to charge customers for membership or daycare subscriptions.

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Subscriptions are a great way to add a predictable revenue stream to you business, and with KennelBooker it's super simple to add recurring subscriptions to your account.

When you add a subscription(s) to your account we send this information over to your linked Stripe account, Subscriptions can be one of three duration, weekly, monthly or yearly. Once a subscription date comes around Stripe will automatically debit the customer card that is on file.

How to set up a Subscription
First we need to turn this feature on - so go to the following 'Feature and Settings' tab in the settings area, and enable the 'Enable Recurring Weekly/Monthly Subscriptions' setting.

Once enabled click on the 'Packages/Credits/Subscriptions' tab and you will see a new subscriptions panel. Enter the name of your package, the cost and the duration/frequency of the payment. Once you click on the Create button the subscription will be saved and sent to Stripe. 

Once the subscription is created, go to the customers account that you wish to set the subscription for, on the right hand side of the page you will see a new subscription panel on the page (Note: a customer needs to have a saved card on file at all times).

Firstly add a card to the customers file, once added simply select the correct package from the drop-down list and click on Start Subscription.

We then send the customers details to Stripe and Stripe will automatically add them to the plan.  

If you are using the package for daycare, when you go to checkout a booking the system will show what package the customer is subscribed to and will let you assign daycare credits to the package to cover the cost.

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