Customer Screen

When on a customer profile page you can assign a vet to the customer by selecting an existing vet from the system from the drop-down list or you can add a new Vet to the system.

Once the vet is selected from the list, the customers record will be updated and linked to the customer.

If you need to modify the vets details you can click on the [Update Vet Details] button.

The Vets details will then be populated in to the edit vet panel that will appear. A warning will appear if this vet is linked to an other customers.

Administration Screen

We also have a administration screen which allows you to quickly add, edit, and delete vets in the system. To access the admin screen click on the cog icon in the main menu, and then click on the Vets tab.

Once you click on the tab you will see a list of all vets in the system, add new ones, and quickly edit and delete vets.

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