KennelBooker allows you to add credit to customers accounts.

Adding Credit to an Account

Once enabled you will see the following link on the payments panels when viewing bookings, you will also see the credit balance on the customers profile page.

When you click on the link you will see a popup window, where you can add credit to the account by adding a positive figure i.e $20 or you can deduct credit by typing in $-20.

Once the credit has been added to the account you will see the balance increase in the image below to $70.

Using credit on Bookings

When you wish to apply credit to an account, click on the 'Add Manual Payment' button and add the amount (the system will default to the full account credit balance/or the remaining balance on the booking) and the payment type (you can add custom types by clicking on the button below)

The system will then automatically deduct the credit used from the customers balance.

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