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Booking Display Colors on KennelBooker
Booking Display Colors on KennelBooker
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Booking Colors

When you add different kinds of bookings into the system the color of the tag shown is determined by the system, this color cannot be changed.

System Colors

  • Boarding (Green)

  • Board & Train (Indigo)

  • Daycare

    • Full Day (Blue)

    • Half Day (Zinc)

    • Hourly (Pink)

    • Full Day - Ext (Teal)

    • Half Day - Ext (Indigo)

  • Nightcare (Green)

  • Grooming (Orange)

  • Homestay (Yellow)

  • Training (Purple)

  • Walk (Gray)

  • Sales (Red)

  • Cremation (Green)

  • Generic (Green)

  • Universal (Orange)

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