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Cancellation Fees/Cancellation Charges
Cancellation Fees/Cancellation Charges
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When customers cancel bookings depending on the policy at your business you may wish to charge them a cancellation fee, weather it be a percentage of the booking cost, the full booking cost or a set amount.

When canceling a booking on the system, the default behavior is for the bookings status to be set as Cancelled, and for the booking to essentially disappear (it will still show in the customer history screen under the cancelled bookings list).

If you wish to charge some form of fee, you can enable a feature that sets the booking status to 'Cancelled - Fee Adjusted', these bookings will still show in the cancelled booking list in the customers History screen, but they will not be included in the Financial Reports.

To enable this as a feature go to the Cancellation Settings panel on the Online Booking Portal settings page, and then enable the 'Charge Cancellation Fee' checkbox for all bookings that you wish to charge a fee for.

When cancelling a booking, on the cancel pop up that appears, just click on the 'Booking Status - Charge Cancellation Fee' toggle. Prior to this or after your cancel the booking you can then go in and set the fee that you wish to charge.

If you use the Integration payments feature and make customers save cards to their account you can then charge their card on file, or request payment from them through your preferred invoicing method.

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