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Daycare Organisation

Daycare Organisation, Pet Playstyles

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We recently added a new daycare organisation feature into the system so that busy daycare facilities can quickly see the pets that they have scheduled for the day, the playarea assigned to the pet(s), if any friends or enemies are onsite the same day, and a new feature that lets you assign play styles to pets (using the adapted tagging system) if these playstyles will conflict.

Play Styles

You can add your dogs playstyles into the system from the Tagging settings page. When assigning these tags to pets you can then specify if this is playstyle the pet participates in or if it is a playstyle that they do not like.

The Daycare Organisation screen will flag any pets with conflicting playstyles that are assigned to the same playarea for the day.

Assigning Playstyles to a Pet

From the pets profile screen click on the [Add Tag] button.

You can then select the Pet tag and specify if this is a General Tag, a Playstyle, or a Does not like Playstyle.

Once added you will see the tag on the pets profile, if you flag is as a 'Does not like Playstyle' these tags will be denoted with (DNL) at the end of the tag name.

Daycare Organisation Screen

From the new daycare screen as you can see there are three pets booked in for the day. The first red box shows that 'Checco' and 'Sophie' are enemies and do not get on with each other.

While in the second box you can see where there are conflicts, Sophies playstyles are Chaser and Wrestler, while the other two pets do not like these playstyles.

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