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Free Nights/Boarding Credits
Free Nights/Boarding Credits
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It is possible to sell or provide customers with free nights of boarding, these nights can then be drawn down on customers bookings as needed.

To set up boarding credits you must first enable this feature from the Boarding Settings screen.

Once enabled you can add nights to the customers account, to do this go to the customers account and locate the right hand side of the screen.

Click on the Add Free Nights button to bring up the popup, from this pop up you can add in the number of nights/days you wish to add, and you can optionally add in a reason for the addition. If you need to remove nights just add in a negative number.

Once added you will see that the number of nights on the customers account as incremented.

Now when you are viewing the customers boarding booking, from the booking screen you can apply free nights to the booking.

Here we have decided to use 3 credits against the booking, and the price has been adjusted to reflect this.

Purchasing Nights/Days

At the moment you will need to create a Product in our POS (point of sale) feature that you can sell or customers can purchase on the online booking platform, once you create/receive a sale for this item you have to manually credit the days to the customers account.

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