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Late Pickup Fee
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It is also possible within the system to charge late checkout fees for bookings. For example, If you charge on a nightly basis you can add an additional charge to the booking if the pet does not check out before a certain time.

You can set up late fees from the Boarding Settings Page.

The system can charge either;

  • A full nightly or daily fee,

  • A half nightly or daily fee,

  • or an Additional Service can be applied to a booking, this can be either one fee for the booking or a fee per pet on the booking.

The following image show's that a full nightly fee will be applied to a booking if checkout is after 10:00 AM.

When the booking is added into the system (giving the above settings), if the booking checkout time is set to 9AM the additional nightly charge would not apply, however upon checkout if the customer was to checkout at 11AM in the checkout process the system will prompt you to apply the late fee to the booking cost.

If you do not want to charge the customer a full nightly/daily fee or even a half night/day fee, you can add an additional service to the booking this can be a quantity of one or one per pet on the booking.

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