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Require pets to pass an evaluation before being allowed to make bookings

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With this feature you can prevent customers from making bookings for their pets that have no yet passed an in-person evaluation. Once enabled from the settings page, you can select which of your services require the pets to have passed an evaluation.

If a customer attempts to make a booking for a pet that has not completed an evaluation, they will be shown the message in the screenshot below, feel free to customise this to your preferred text.

When you turn on this feature, you may need to pass all pets already in your system, you can do this from the main evaluation page, to do this firstly exit the settings area, and then open the Evaluations page from the left hand menu.

From the evaluations page at the bottom of the screen you can then mark all pets as having passed their evaluation by selecting the Passed evaluation type and clicking update.

On a day-to-day basis, when customers bring in their pets to be evaluated, you can record details of the evaluation from either the evaluations panel on the pets profile or from the main Evaluations page.

The main Evaluations page will show all pets with upcoming bookings that have not yet passed an evaluation, from this page you can update the evaluation status of multiple pets quickly.

Creating a Evaluation Booking Type

From the Services Offered panel on the main booking screen you can enable the Evaluations booking type (depending on when you signed up this may be called Universal - this booking type can be renamed from the Customize Text settings screen).

Once enabled you will have a new Evaluation setting screen, where you can config this booking type, you can either create predefined booking slots that your customers can booking, or allow customers to pick and date/time they wish.

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