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Setting up KennelBooker to handle your board and train bookings

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Once you have set up your rooms for your standard boarding bookings you can then proceed to set the system up to accommodate your Board and Train bookings.

First up we need to add in a new boarding rate of $/£/€0, you can do this from the Boarding Settings page.

In the Boarding settings page, turn on the option for Board and Train bookings, once enabled when customers use the online booking portal they will have the options to choose either Boarding or the Board & Train option, instead of a nightly or daily charge being applied to a Board & Train booking, you will just assign a rate to the the booking eg 1 Month Board and Train $1000.

Once the Board and Train option has been turned on, you will see a new menu option under Boarding settings called 'Board & Train'

On the Board and Train page you can add in the various rates that you offer and the duration of the package in days, on the online booking portal the customer will choose their preferred start date, and the package they wish to purchase.

Once a booking is made it will appear in the system as a provisional booking, you will then need to confirm the booking and assign it to a room for the duration of its stay, where you would normally set the rate for each pet on the boarding booking you just need to select the Zero rate instead.

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