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Let you staff clock in and out for their shifts, the feature also lets you see how many hours staff worked in specific time period.

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Our time and attendance feature lets your staff clock in and out for their shifts, staff can clock in and out multiple times per day.

Using the Feature

You can access the T&A feature by clicking on the 'Clock' icon in the main menu in the top right hand corner.

This is the main time and attendance screen that your staff will use day in and day out.

Once a staff member is selected from the drop-down list, all they need to do is click [Clock In],

Once clocked in the next time the staff name is selected they will be promoted to clock out.

Once Clocked Out the time and attendance record for the day is complete. If the staff member is taking a lunch break the next time they clock in it will create a new T&A record for the day for that staff member.


To access the reports go to the financial reports section of the system (either from the settings page, or from selecting 'financial reports' from daily reports section (graph icon in the main menu)). You can choose a time period to report on, the report will show cumulative count of all of the hours worked per staff member down to the minute, the data shown can then be exported to excel.


If you are logged in as the Administrator of the System, you will have a few more options visible on the T&A page at the bottom. This admin feature lets you fix time records for staff - if a staff member did an accidental clocking, or forgot to clock out.

You also have the option of deleting clocking's by clicking the red button next to each clocking record.

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