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Staff Accounts

Setting up staff accounts or multi-user accounts

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1. Staff Accounts Overview

In KennelBooker we have two ways to set up customer accounts.

1.1 Individual Accounts

You can set each user up with their own log into the system, staff sign into their account with their email address and there password. You can also restrict staff access to certain parts of the system (see below).

1.2 Multi-User Accounts

You create one login to the system that everyone shares, this allows you to keep the office computer(s) logged into KennelBooker for their entire day.

You can add an additional level of security to this account by making it a multi-user account, which lets you add staff codes for each member of staff, staff will then need to provide this staff code when making bookings or cancelling bookings (see below).

2. Setup

2.1 Individual Login Accounts

Go to the Staff Accounts link in the settings area.

Click on the [Add Account], on the page that opens up add in the staff members name and email address. 

You can also specify if the staff member should receive the daily overview email we send each morning, and if they should receive email notification of new online bookings. 

You can also restrict access to certain parts of the system and certain booking types.

The staff member will receive an email asking them to set a password. Staff accounts with a status of pending mean that the customer has not set a password yet. You can resend the confirmation email.

2.2 Multi-User Accounts

To set up a multi-user account, firstly create a standard account using the instructions, then towards the bottom of the staff account page click on the Multi User account toggle.

Note: Staff Codes can only be added to Multi-User login accounts

Enter there details and a staff code to add them to the system.

2.3 Adding Staff Members

You can also add staff members into the system without giving them their own login account, you can add staff members from bottom panel at the end of the Staff Settings page.

To add a new Staff Member click on the purple 'Add Staff Member' button

Once you click on the button you can add their first and last name, if they are to appear on the time and attendance screen, and then you can toggle the services that this staff member will be responsible for, e.g. for Commission based bookings such as Grooming you can set a commission percentage for each staff member.

You can remove a staff member from this list by clicking on the Edit button next to their name and then clicking on the red Delete button.

3. Settings

3.1 Notifications

From staff settings screen, you can enable or disable the various options for notifications.

3.2 Role Based Access Control

You can restrict access to the following features and parts of the system:
Daily Reports, Financial Reports, Settings, Marketing Features, Online Payments Settings, Shop/Sales Feature, Access to individual bookings types, Access to customers lists and full customer profiles.

3.3 Booking Type Access

You can also restrict access to viewing particular booking types in the system as well, so for instance if you have a groomer that comes onsite occasionally you may want to restrict access to just Grooming bookings, if a groomer attempts to view a boarding/daycare booking for example they would receive error message telling them the do not have access to view this part of the system.

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