If you get your customers to pay up front for their daycare bookings you can use our daycare credits feature to apply credits to their account, then when their daycare booking checks out you can apply a credit or credits to the booking to zero out the cost.

To start using credits add your first daycare credits package to your KennelBooker account. Click the button below to add your first package.

Turn on daycare packages by clicking on the green tick box next to daycare packages. Once turned on - you will see a daycare packages panel appear.

Add your first package by clicking on the [Create your first package] button.

Add a package name, and then set the number of credits for the package, and the price. 

Some daycare facilities offer packages that allow the customer to turn up for as many days of daycare in a 31 day period as they like (if you offer such a service tick the Unlimited Package check box)

You also need to tick if these credits can be applied to what type of booking duration, Full-day, half-day or hourly.

Once added to the system you can add a daycare package to a customers account, either when adding the booking or after the booking is added to the system.

When adding a Booking

When adding a daycare booking the system will now have an extra step where you can add a daycare package to the booking.

To an Existing Booking
Once a booking is added to the system, if you click into the daycare booking you can add a package of credits to a booking by clicking on the [Add Products] button.

Then select the daycare package from the list that pops up.

Once added to the booking, the cost of the booking will be updated to reflect the additional cost of the package.

Applying Credits to a Booking

When you go to checkout the booking you will be asked if you wish to use a daycare credit to cover the cost of the booking.

You can check the number of credits left on the customers account on the customers page, as well as on any daycare booking page.

If a customer ever queries the usage of credits you can see a log of credits added to and removed from a customers account by clicking on the History tab on the customers account.

Add Credits to Customers (without having a Bookings)
From the main menu you will see a shopping cart icon, when you click on the icon you will be brought to the sales screen, from here you can add packages (and products if you sell food, toys etc) to a shopping cart.

Once you have add the package to the shopping cart, click on the 'Checkout' button, you will the search for the customer, once you select the customer the Sale will be created and linked to the customer, you can then choose to add a payment against the booking, or you can leave the Sale unpaid and enter a payment record at a later point.

Once the Sale is created the credits will be applied to the customers account.

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