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Daycare - Recurring and Multi-day Bookings
Daycare - Recurring and Multi-day Bookings

How to add recurring or multi-day daycare bookings into the system

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Have a customer that books in for the same days every week?

If the answer is 'Yes' - we have the perfect feature to save you hours of manually adding bookings!

With our recurring bookings feature you can add recurring bookings for you customer for up to 2 years in advance.

(we also have a feature to cancel all future bookings in advance if required).

Adding a Recurring Booking
When you go to add a booking you will see a duration drop-down list with two new options, Recurring and Multi-Day. 

Recurring will let you choose the same day or days for bookings for up to 2 years. 

In the booking wizard - select the days you wish to make the bookings for e.g. Tuesday and Friday and choose the number of weeks to repeat the bookings for e.g. 156 weeks.

In a subsequent step you will see all of the days selected and are able to see availability for the days selected - if a day requested is already at capacity you can choose to override the capacity check.

Note: if you are adding bookings for a couple of days for 156 weeks this screen make take a while to load as we need to check capacity for 312 days in the given example - likewise when saving these bookings it will take longer then usual.


Adding a Multi-Day Booking
While Multi-day bookings lets you choose different days for up to 90 days out. When you choose the multi-day option you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Choose the days you require by clicking on the checkbox for each day required, and proceed to add the bookings.

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