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Pricing - Changing your rates / Increasing your prices
Pricing - Changing your rates / Increasing your prices

How do I increase my prices on the system?

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From time to time is always worth revisiting your pricing and checking what the current market rates are in your area and adjusting your prices accordingly.ย 

It's one of the most commonly asked questions at the moment, and with our rates based system is very easy to modify your prices in KennelBooker.

Add you new Rates

Go into the Boarding tab in the settings area, and scroll down to the rates section at the bottom of the page.

To add new rates for the 2022 year we are simply going to duplicate the existing rates and add 2022 at the end of the Rate Name (to help identify the correct rate).


Adding a Booking
When you go to add a booking for the new year/period, just select the rate that applies for that period.

Once you no longer need to the old rates you can mark them as deleted and they will not longer be shown for new bookings.

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