Wait List Feature

Add bookings to a waiting list!

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For times when you are at or near full capacity you may wish to add bookings to a wait-list encase a confirmed booking cancels for some reason.

The waitlist feature will be enabled on your account by default, you can turn this off if you wish to from the Online Booking Portal settings page

General Usage

From the main menu, click on the Waitlist link.ย 

Once on the wait-list page you can add new bookings to the list by clicking on the [Add to Waitlist] button, follow the short wait-list wizard. You can add wait-list bookings for Boarding and Daycare bookings.

You waitlist booking will now appear in the list, if the system sees that you have availability, the Status column will notify you of same.

You can then progress the waitlist booking to a full booking by clicking the [Add Booking] option from the dropdown list.

If you try to add a normal booking to the system and there is no availability, the booking wizard will let you create a wait-list entry automatically.


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