When we look at the following calendar we see that we can take split booking over the duration the booking that you wish to split, click on the 8th Sept - 14th Sept.

We click into an existing booking that we wish to split and click on the [Rates/Runs] tab.

On the rates screen, if the booking is already allocated to a run/room you can remove the current allocation by clicking on the [Reset Booking Slots] button.

When you are ready click on the [Split this Booking] button. View the available slots and select the ones that you require, and click 'Update Booking'.

Note: If you do not select enough slots the system will prompt you to fix the allocation or ignore and continue with the save.

When you have selected the Slots required, click Save.

When viewing the booking you will see that Run/Room allocation is set to 'Split Booking'

And if you click on the Runs/Rates tab on the booking you will see the rooms the pet has been allocated to.

On the bookings calendar you will see that the pet has been allocated to the correct slots.

The run allocation will also appear on the run cards that can be printed from the system.

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