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Add a picture to the pets profile
Add a picture to the pets profile

How do I add a picture to the pets profile

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Firstly you will need to take a picture of the pet! KennelBooker works great on your smartphone and is the easiest and quickest way to add images to your pet profiles.

So read though this article, then grab your phone and head out to start snapping some pictures!

Note: We do not resize or alter the files size of images so when taking picture it might be worthwhile decreasing the image quality down to keep your images file size small!

When taking the pictures portrait mode works best! Once you have your images snapped, open KennelBooker on you phones browser then click into each booking in the daily overview and start clicking into each pet.

Click on the [Add Picture] button and the gallery should open on your phone, find the picture and click Upload!

You can upload up to five images per pet profile.

Once uploaded the image will display on the pets profile (btw this is Sophie our 2 year old Cavapoo).

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