Once you set up your KennelBooker account you may need to add additional breeds into the pet breed dropdown list from time-to-time to cater for cross breeds or breeds specific you your corner of the world.

Option 1

To a new breed into the system, click into any pets record in the system and click on the [+ Add New] button beside the Breed drop-down list.

Enter the breeds name and click the [Add Breed] button

Once added the new breed will be added to the list of options which you can then select!

Option 2

We have a dedicated screen in the system so that you can bulk manage the breeds that the system stores, to access this screen click into the settings area, and then choose the Breeds link from the bottom of the left hand menu.

When you are on the breeds screen you can add new Breeds from the top panel, or you can edit the existing list by scrolling down the page.

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