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Pricing - Holiday and Peak Pricing
Pricing - Holiday and Peak Pricing

Set up KennelBooker to automatically charge your customers a higher rate on holiday periods

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Do you charge higher rates at different times of the year especially around holiday periods - well with KennelBooker you can add in your holiday periods and the system will automatically charge the higher holiday rate when calculating the booking price.

KennelBooker in total supports up to 3 bands of pricing normal, mid-season pricing and high-season pricing.

1. To Enable Holiday/Peak pricing go to the following link in you settings 

2. Find the Enable Peal/Holiday Pricing setting and turn it on - don't forget to save the settings change.

3.  Once saved click on the [Add Holidays] button, or you can click on the Peak Pricing link in the left hand menu.

4. You should now be on the screen to add in peak holidays - you can add your peak ranges in using the panel on the right hand side of the screen.

Make sure that you don't have overlapping holidays as this will cause your bookings to be priced incorrectly.

Adding a new entry for mid season rates for the Halloween Week

Once your holidays have been entered into the system you will need to add your peak prices, this can be done by going to your Boarding Rates and clicking into each one to set the peak rate.

The system will automatically charge the peak rate on your peak days.

Note: You must set the peak rate for each price or the system will charge your
customer $0 for that day (see image below for an example of this error)

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