Run Cards can be easily printed from your KennelBooker account - you can print these PDF's for each booking and hang them outside of the unit or room that the pet is occupying.

You can do some customisation to these forms - you choose from a number of templates, and you can turn on/off a number of sections , including; Feeding tables, Medication Tables, Vaccination Tables, sections for recording bowel movements. You can also hide the customers address from the run-card if required.
To customise the run cards click into [Settings - Cog Icon] from the main menu. Then click on [Features & Settings] tab.

Once you have updated you settings you can see the changes to the run cards when you print out your next Run Card.

To Print a Run Card
Click into you Boarding booking and click on the PDF Run Card icon, the printer icon beside the pdf icon only prints a basic html run card.

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