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Waivers - Booking and Vet Waivers

Print out booking and vet waivers from

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Booking and Vet waiver PDF's can be easily added to your KennelBooker account - you can print these PDF's for each booking and have your customers sign them. These documents can be scanned and upload into KennelBooker for safe keeping.
Click into [Settings] from the left menu, Then click on [Boarding Settings] from the side menu.

Once enabled on you account these document will be pre-filled with information relating to the booking but you may wish to add additional legal disclaimers and information. This can be done by clicking on the [terms & Conditions] link in the Settings page. 

Click on the [Add Text] button, select 'Booking Waiver' from the Type list (or Vet Waiver), and enter the text you wish to show on your booking waivers.

There is a maximum character limit of 8000 characters per entry - if you need to enter more text the system will join the text automatically.

Once your text has been entered - you will find the Booking and Vet waivers on the Booking forms.

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