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Managing multiple locations with KennelBooker

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KennelBooker support facilities with multiple locations, each facility/location needs to have their own instance of KennelBooker.

If your facilities are close to each other or you generally get an overlap of customers we can set up the system to share your customer database between locations. This allows you to have one online booking platform that covers all locations.

Once logged into the online booking portal when customers will be able to see their bookings for all locations on the one screen.

When customers go to make an online booking they booking wizard will ask them which location they wish to book at, once selected the system will then load up the services that are available at that location.

Each facility needs to have its own KennelBooker instance as each facilities capacity will be differently, and generally each facility will have its own accounting requirements.

If you have a second location or plan to open an additional location, firstly create the new location by registering an additional account (with a different email address), once registered and setup with the services you offer, please email or via the in app chat feature, and let us know the name and email address of the new location.

We will then link the two accounts, and share the customer database.

Once all locations are linked together, from the left hand menu staff will be able to jump between locations using the switching feature in the left hand menu.

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