Create a custom Stripe payment link

Send the customer a new payment link

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Occasionally you may need create a custom payment link for the customer, generally when the a booking is created depending on your settings the system will either generate a deposit or a full payment request. If you need to charge the customer for an unforeseen expense or you need to take part payment long/expense booking.

Simply go into the booking, and then from the left hand menu if you click on the Admin link in the booking menu, from the Stripe Payments panel on the admin panel;

  • Firstly cancel the existing payment request by clicking on the Cancel Request button.

  • And then from the Amount to Request box enter in the outstanding balance and click on the Create Payment button.

This will create a new payment link for the booking, then from the booking page you can send the customer an Invoice by clicking on the Send Invoice button in the Email & SMS Details panel.

Note: If the customer has opt-ed out of the receipt/invoices - click on the Edit and Send button to select the Invoice/Receipt email template and then send them the email.

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