Cancelled Payments

My customer is clicking on a payment link but it is marked as cancelled -what does this mean?

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When the system sends a payment link to a customer and they click on the link before we allow the customer to enter their payment details we make a few checks first to make sure the payment request is still valid.

If your customer receives the following message; one of a few things may have occurred.

  • The booking had been cancelled previously and then the payment was marked as cancelled - the booking may have been then un-cancelled.

  • You may have made a modification to the booking which caused the initial payment request to be cancelled - a new payment request may have been sent to the customer. They will need to locate this new payment link or you can resend them the confirmation or receipt/invoice email, as this will contain the most up to date payment link.

  • Someone on your team may have cancelled the payment request on purpose or accidentally by clicking on the Delete button next to the payment request in the Payments Panel.

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