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How to set up SMS/TXT messaging

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We have an optional SMS feature that you can use in the system, to enable this feature go to the Email and SMS settings page.

From the SMS Settings panel click on the Enable toggle and click save,

Once you click save you will then see the SMS settings panel, from here you can purchase SMS credits these are sold in bundles of 100, pricing varies from country to country. Your local currency pricing will be displayed on screen.

Once you have credits on your account, you can turn on the various options for each booking type that you offer, such as booking confirming SMS messages etc.

Each SMS message of 160 characters counts as 1 message, if a message length is greater then 160 characters multiple credits will be used to send the message.

SMS Templates

Messages sent from the system are based off a number of SMS templates, these can be found towards the bottom of the Email and SMS settings page

Sending SMS Messages

From the customer details screen you can send the customer a quick SMS message by clicking on the [Send SMS] button next to the cell/mobile phone number.

Sending Booking Messages

From the booking screen you can send the customer an SMS message from the Email & SMS panel on the booking screen. When creating the booking the confirmation SMS message can be triggered to be sent automatically from the settings page.

SMS Reminder

SMS reminders are triggered automatically by the system, you can set this up from the SMS settings panel. Once setup SMS message are sent out the day before the booking is due to check-in at around 1pm. We've send millions of SMS messages and from our research this is the ideal time to send messages as they have a 99% read rate at this time.

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