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Setting up Tax/VAT/GST/HST settings
Setting up Tax/VAT/GST/HST settings
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Within KennelBooker you have a few options for setting up your Tax settings, you can either;

  • Leave the tax settings turn off all together

  • Set your tax to Exclusive

    • When you set your booking price taxes will be added on top of the cost

  • Set you tax in Inclusive

    • The price you set will be inclusive of any taxes

When specific your Tax rate, you can set two different rates one that will be applied to your bookings, services and packages, and a different rate that will be applied to products.

In some countries / or geographical regions tax made not be applicable to certain services such as training services, if this is the case you can use the toggle switches to set a zero tax rate on these bookings.

You can set your Tax settings by clicking here

Additionally you may wish to rename Tax on the system to your local name, you can do this from the Customize Text settings page in the system.

Note: When a booking is added to the system it will save the tax settings at that point in time, if your tax rate changes please contact us to discuss how to go about updating all future bookings. Or if you move from being a sole trader or not meeting the Tax threshold in your country - contact us to discuss how to update future booking to incorporate your new Tax status.

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