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How to set up your Stripe in person payment terminal

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You can order a stripe payment terminal directly from Stripe, just go to their website and click on Products, and then Terminal to order your own 'BBPOS WisePOS E' device. We can only integrate with this specific terminal as it allows web applications to connect to it.

Once you receive your payment terminal from Stripe, firstly charge up the device if it has not come partially charged.

Turn on your new device, the terminal will guide you though the initial setup and allow you to connect the terminal to your wi-fi, or if you purchased the optional charging base you can plug in an ethernet cable.

You will then see a three word set up code on the device similar to 'orange-dog-telephone', this is the code you will need to register the device with your Stripe account.

Log into your Stripe account and then click on 'More' and then on 'Terminal',

Next click from the Locations panel click on the 'New +' button

And enter in the location details of where the terminal will be used, generally you will just have the one location and the one terminal, unless you have multiple locations and multiple reception desks, then enter a name for the location, and the address details and click Save.

Once saved you will see the new location in the locations panel, click into the location to register the terminal to it.

Then, in the Readers panel click on the 'New +' button, and enter in the three word code and add an optional label for the reader, and click Save. You have now registered the terminal to you account.

KennelBooker Integration

Enable the terminal on KennelBooker, click into the settings and then click into the 'Online Payment Setup' page, and enable the highlighted setting, turning this on will enable additional features within KennelBooker that will let you send the booking/receipt balance to your Terminal for payment.

From the Bookings page or the checkout page you will now see a new panel, clicking the Send to Terminal button will send the payment details to Stripe which then in turn connect to the terminal and send to payment request to it, once payment is made by the customer the payment is sent to your Stripe account and then depending on you Payout settings will be sent to you physical bank account every 2 days.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Quick Steps

  1. Reconnect the application device to the desired local network

  2. Connect the reader to the same local network.

Additional Troubleshooting Information

  • This often occurs when your devices are on different WiFi networks, causing your SDK to be unable to connect to the reader. You can view that the card reader and application are on the same local area network checking the Wifi Settings of the reader

  • Your WiFi network must be WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal and password protected.

  • WiFi is not supported for enterprise networks or networks without a WiFi password.

  • You may not be on a supported firmware / configuration. Please see our documentation for checking WisePOS E reader firmware / configurations.

  • Please try updating the firmware on your router.

  • If the above steps do not work, you may be encountering a DNS error. Please see these steps.

If you are have issues with WiFi, you can also connect with ethernet via the use of an optional dock. This provides wired Ethernet connectivity and keeps your smart reader fully charged using the included charging cable. You can purchase the dock separately through the Stripe dashboard.

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