Xero Error Message: Payments can only be Made against Authorised Documents


  • Receiving Error message when sending bookings to Xero


  • In Xero, Payments are only able to be applied against Invoices that are in the Authorized state

    e.g. new Payments cannot be made against Invoices in Xero that are already Paid, or against Draft Invoices.

  • The most likely reason that you'd see this error is if a user applied Manual payments to a Xero Invoice. In such a case, the Invoice would transition to Paid in Xero, but would still be Awaiting Payment in KennelBooker. Xero rejects the Payment with an error because it will not allow a Payment to be applied to a Paid Bill.


  1. In Xero, remove the Payment from the Bill in Xero.

  2. In KennelBooker, go to the Xero page, then click on the filter to see un-synched payments, you can then send the payment over to Xero.

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