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Print your pets details onto PetDetect Collars #printable collars

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In KennelBooker version 2, we've introduced an integration that allows you to print PetDetect Collars.

From the pets profile page you can save pre-selected collar size for a pet. When you too a booking to print out labels the pets collar size will be pre-selected.

For any pets without a saved collar size, the default size will be medium. If you change the size of the collar to print, the system will save this collar size to the pets record.

Collar Sizes

XSmall - 6 Inches

Small - 12 Inches

Medium - 18 Inches

Large - 24 Inches

XLarge -30 Inches

Printing Collars from a Booking

You can print collars directly from a booking by clicking on the Collar icon in the Booking Details header

You can then select the Quantity of collars required and the size of them to be printed.

Batch Printing

You can also batch print labels from KennelBooker for all pets checking in on a particular day. To print the collars, from the Dashboard/Overview Screen, selected the [Print Documentation] option from the Quick Links dropdown list.

You can then deselect any bookings you don't want to print labels for, then click on the Print Collars button at the bottom of the page.

When the printer dialog box opens make sure you select the Thermal Label printer in order to send the labels to the correct printer for printing.

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