When you get this error:

Detail: The name supplied already exists. : Another customer, supplier, or employee is already using this name. Please use a different name.,

Message: Duplicate Name Exists Error

This is because KennelBooker is attempting to create a customer named "John Doe" (for example), and there is already a vendor or employee named “John Doe”, or “Doe, John”.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks does not allow you to have customers, vendors or employees with the same name, even if it is set inactive.

To fix this problem, please search your list of vendors and employees in QuickBooks to find one with the same name (“John Doe”, or “Doe, John”) and change their name to something like “Doe - Customer, John”, or “John Doe - Customer”. You may also have to search your list of customers with the option to view inactive enabled.

Now go back to the QuickBooks screen and try to Resend the bookings.

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