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COVID-19 - Booking Refund Questions
COVID-19 - Booking Refund Questions
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We've decided to write a Q&A article compiling all of the question that we are receiving at the moment on how to manage various aspects of KennelBooker.

Recording Refunds
If your customers pay up front and you need to issue refunds to customers there are two ways to handle this;

1 - Recording Manual Payments

If a customers has paid $400 and you have recorded this in the system and you are refunding the customers (75%), you just need to add in a payment with a negative amount of -$300. You may wish to add a new payment type into the system called 'Refund' in order to track refunds.

2 - Stripe Refunds

In order to issue a refund of a payment that was taken in Stripe you can do this from the payments screen in the system, to access this click on the Stripe Payments link in the left hand menu.

Once you do this you can filer to just see Paid payments using the filter drop-down in the upper right hand side of the screen. 

We released an update so that you can do full or partial refunds, to issue just a partial refund you just need to alter that amount in the textbox show below.

Creating Refund Invoices

If a customer has a booking that they are cancelling but you need to charge a cancellation fee, they best way to do this is to create an Additional Charge in the system, and called it 'Cancellation Fee' (or similar), you can then add this Charge to your bookings as required, you can modify/set this fee by clicking into the 'Add Services' link in the left hand menu.

You will also need to zero out the booking fee, and remove any other charges that were added to the booking. You can modify the booking cost to $0 by editing the amount in the highlighted box and clicking the refresh icon beside it.

As this booking is generating revenue, you should checkin and checkout this booking from the system, otherwise this revenue/cancellation fee will not appear in the financial reports.

When you checkout the booking the pdf invoice will be sent to your customer by email or you can print it out and post it to them if required.

Cancellation Report

We've added some extra fields to our cancellation report available from the Reports page. There is now a link to view the booking (bookings will open in a new tab), we have also added the Booking Total to the report, and we've started recording the date a booking was cancelled. 

Ways to face this global challenge

We've been chatting with some of our customers in various parts of the world (we've customers in 28 countries on 4 continents) recently about how they are coping with the increase in cancellations in recent weeks which will more then likely increase in the coming weeks.

  1. If the majority of your bookings are from boarding, you could look at moving to a daycare business model in the interim period may tide you over for the coming months.

  2. If you offer daycare services you could consider pre-selling daycare credit packages at a reduced cost in order to maintain some form of income over the coming weeks, many of our daycare business already offer daycare services with a number housing pets in room/runs usually reserved for boarding customers. 

  3. You could look at offering taxi/transport services to pick-up and drop-off pets.

  4. For people who fall sick of the virus you could offer a pickup service for customers pets to mind them until the customer recovers.

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