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Moving from KennelSuite

Transferring your data from KennelSuite

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KennelSuite is a downloadable kennel software application that requires you to install it on you local computer along with a local database (Microsoft Access). 

This type of software requires you to be responsible for maintenance and backups as well as making sure your data is not compromised. Also, if you store credit card numbers anywhere in the software you must also be PCI compliant...which is a nightmare!

KennelSuite stores all of its data in a password protected Microsoft Access database, as PlaneSoftware has ceased trading you will not be able to get the password from them in order to access your data.

We have a tool that you can run against the database that can recover this password for you.

When you wish to move to KennelBooker please contact us at and we will send you a link to a secure DropBox folder (a software product that lets you send large files to us), once you have this link you will have to create a DropBox account you can then open the folder to copy your files into. 

The database file you are looking for is called 'ps.mdb' and should be stored in the directory in which KennelSuite is installed. If you have a shortcut to the application on your computer if you Right Click on the shortcut and click 'Properties' you should see the installation folder in the Target text box.

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