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Moving from KennelConnection

Transferring your data from KennelConnection

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KennelConnection is a downloadable kennel software application that requires you to install it on you local computer along with a local database server (MS SQL Server). 

This type of software requires you to be responsible for maintenance and backups as well as making sure your data is not compromised. Also, if you store credit card numbers anywhere in the software you must also be PCI compliant...which is a nightmare!

When transferring to KennelBooker the only way to export your data out of their system is onto a non-tabular excel worksheet, to be honest they may as well just output the data straight into a word document as their is no way to parse the data they export in order to efficiently import the data into another system.

But where there's a will there's a way....

Here is a quick demo video on how to copy you data over to KennelBooker

As they save all data locally the database tables are saved into a file tucked away on your machine with the extension .mdb and .ldf

When the database server installs it should be installed in the following location on your computer;

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

When you open this folder, you will find a folder structure similar to the following:

The files you need should be located in the one of the folders starting with MSQL12, once you open this folder inside click on the 'MSSQL' folder then click into the folder called 'DATA'

In this folder there will be two files for each database; a few system databases are installed with SQL Server by default.

Before copying the data we need to stop the Database Server on your computer.

Method 1: Stop / Start SQL Server Service from Microsoft Services Console

1 - Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run box. Type services.msc and press Enter.

2 - This will open the Microsoft Services console. Find the service called SQL Server (instant name) and then double-click on it.

3 -  In the Properties dialog box, you can see that the service name of my SQL Server instance is MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS. From there you can click the Stop button if your SQL Server service is running, or click the Start button to get the service up and running.

Once it has stopped you can copy all of the files in this folder into the DropBox folder that we will send to you.

Once you have finished copying the data make sure to Restart the SQL Server

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