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Stripe - Mail Order and Telephone Orders (MOTO)

Enable MOTO on your Stripe account.

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Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) on payment service providers within the European Economic Area. 

The requirement ensures that electronic payments are performed with multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.

Physical card transactions already commonly have what could be termed strong customer authentication in the EU (Chip and PIN), but this has not generally been true for Internet transactions across the EU prior to the implementation of the requirement, and many contactless card payments do not use a second authentication factor.

The SCA requirement came into force from 14 September 2019.

Impacts on KennelBooker
In order to manually enter credit or debit cards to customers accounts manually you will need to contact Stripe Support using the following link, you can either call them, email the request to them or use their online chat feature.

Once on the support page in the bottom left hand corner of the screen click on the highlighted link, 

Then in the chat window that pops up selected your preferred method of contact, when you do contact them, all you need to do is ask that you enable MOTO on your account as then software you use for managing your bookings cannot allow you to take telephone orders/bookings over the phone unless MOTO is enabled. 

Once Stripe have confirmed with you that MOTO is enabled click the button below to go your your payment settings in KennelBooker, and select Enabled from the 'MOTO Transactions' option and click Save!

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