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Xero - Integration v2.0
Xero - Integration v2.0

How to set up then KennelBooker Xero Integration (updated Aug 2023)

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To enable the XERO integration, click into the Features & Settings tab in the Settings area, then enable the XERO setting.

Before continuing you will need to do some housekeeping, and map a few settings to KennelBooker!

Connect to XERO

Once you have turned on the Integration - you will see a new briefcase menu item (you may need to refresh the page).

Click on the new Icon and you will see the XERO page. Click on the [Connect to XERO] button and a pop-up window will appear (if you do not see the popup you browser is blocking this from showing - please fix your browser settings to allow you to see popups).

Once you click on the [Allow Access] button on the pop up screen, your XERO and KennelBooker account will be connected.

Once connected the you will be redirected back to the Xero page in KennelBooker, from the page you will see a button that will sync your Products & Services codes as well as your Chart of Accounts from Xero into KennelBooker.

If you edit your 'Products & Services' or 'Chart of Accounts' in Xero you can re-sync this list at any time by clicking on this button.

Map your Products and Services codes

In Xero you can create product and service codes that you can map to your bookings, additional services, credit packages, and products within KennelBooker. If you choose not to do this when you send bookings across to Xero the 'Item Code' on line items will not be set, like below;

However, if you wish for this to be filled in, you will need to create some XERO Product and Service (P&S) codes and then map them into KennelBooker. Some business will create individual P&S codes for each individual booking type, additional services, and products or they may choose to create just a few catch all P&S codes.

In XERO you can find the Products and Services page, under the Business menu. On this page you can set up your various items and assign then a numeric code.

Catch All Code

Individual Codes

Next: Adding these codes to KennelBooker
To map these codes to the main booking categories in KennelBooker click on the link below, and select the item from the dropdown list, (If you do not see the item go to the main Xero page on the main menu and click on the Sync button).

This page also contains a dropdown list to add a bank account code for Stripe payments (if you use the online payments module).

Additional Services code can be added on the following page in KennelBooker, click into each service and select the item code in the 'Accounting Code' dropdown.

Products codes can be added on the following page, click into each product and select the ID into the 'Accounting Code' dropdown.

Map your Bank accounts to Payment Types

Note: This step is not optional - if you sent payment records over to XERO, XERO requires a bank account code to be sent with the payment.

If you record payments in KennelBooker you will need to record the Account Codes for your Payment Types you have saved in XERO.

If you have already set up bank accounts in XERO go to the 'Chart of Account' and find the bank account in the list.

If you don't have a code set e.g. the red text box above is blank, click on the row and enter a code into the highlighted box.

If you need to create Bank Accounts in XERO you can do so by clicking on 'Accounting > Bank Accounts' from their main menu, Note: if you use the Stripe Integration you can add a bank account code for this in KennelBooker as well.

Once you have assigned a code for your bank accounts, click on the button below to go to the the map payment type codes page (If you do not see the bank accounts listed in the dropdown list go to the main Xero page on the main menu and click on the Sync button).

Using the Integration
Once Connected, KennelBooker will refresh and show you all bookings that have not been sent to your XERO account. You can filter by Checked Out, Checked In and New Bookings.

If you have been using KennelBooker for a while you may have a large number of bookings that you do not want to send across to XERO, at the bottom of the page there is a [Mark all remaining bookings as being already on XERO] button to mark all existing bookings as having been processed.

To send a booking across to XERO click on the [Send] button, once clicked the Customer, Booking, and Payment details will be sent to XERO.


Transfer Errors/Issues

If an error occurs an error message will be displayed and you will have to option to try resend the booking. If the system continues to fail to send the booking across to XERO you may need to click on the [Disconnect from XERO] button and reconnect. As the token we receive from XERO only lasts for 30 minutes.

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