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The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

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In order to comply with the new UK regulations 'The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018', business must capture a number of key pieces of data on each pet and customers saying at their premises. 

These include;

(1) A register must be kept of all the pets on the premises which must include;
(a) the dates of each pet’s arrival and departure;
(b) each pet’s name, age, sex, neuter status, microchip number and a description of it or its breed;
(c) the number of any pets from the same household;
(d) a record of which pets (if any) are from the same household;
(e) the name, postal address, telephone number (if any) and email address (if any) of the owner of each pet and emergency contact details;
(f) in relation to each pet, the name, postal address, telephone number and email address of a local contact in an emergency;
(g) the name and contact details of the pet’s normal veterinarian and details of any insurance relating to the pet;
(h) details of each pet’s relevant medical and behavioural history, including details of any treatment administered against parasites and restrictions on exercise;
(i) details of the pet’s diet and related requirements;
(j) any required consent forms;
(k) a record of the date or dates of each pet’s most recent vaccination, worming and flea treatments;
(l) details of any medical treatment each pet is receiving.

Easy Compliance with KennelBooker

In order to comply with the new regulations and to make reporting easier for our UK based businesses, you have access to a new Compliance screen that gives you a quick visual overview of all pets on the facility at any time.

Additionally if you use the online booking system, when the customer signs up for a new account we require the following information on signup, Name, Address, Contact info, Emergency Contact Info, Full Pet Details, and their Insurance Details.

New Compliance Screen

You can access this new screen by clicking on the 'Regulatory Compliance' link in the left hand menu.

Once you are on the new screen you will see a row for each pet that is onsite for the day or week selected.

For each pet, the system will highlight;

  1. If the pet is valid, missing or has out of date vaccinations.

  2. If the pet has/has no insurance details saved

  3. if the customer has 'Emergency Contact' details saved/or not

  4. If the customer has signed a 'Digital Booking Waiver' or not.

If any of this information is missing we have a link under the notification to bring you quickly to the right section on KennelBooker to add/update the information on file for the pet or customer.

Compliance Screen Settings

The information reported on can be customised using the new settings screen - this screen can be access by clicking on the 'Compliance' tab in the settings area.

On this settings screen you can make vaccinations, Insurance, Emergency Info, and Waivers mandatory for the different booking types in KennelBooker. e.g. You may not need to check for Vaccinations for Dog Walking or Cremation bookings.

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