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QuickBooks - Setting up the Integration
QuickBooks - Setting up the Integration

How to set up then KennelBooker QuickBooks Integration

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To enable the QuickBooks integration, click into the Features & Settings tab in the Settings area, then enable the QuickBooks setting.

Connect to QuickBooks

Once you have turned on the Integration - you will see a new new QuickBooks menu item in the left hand menu.

Click on the QuickBooks menu item and you will see the QuickBooks page. Click on the [Connect to QuickBooks] button and a pop-up window will appear. 

Once you click on the Green Connect button on the pop up screen, your QuickBooks and KennelBooker account will be connected.

Configure the Integration

A bit of house keeping needs to be completed before we can send bookings across to QuickBooks, we need to setup a few mapping entries between the two system so that we correctly send your bookings and payments across to QuickBooks correctly;

1 - Map Payment Types & Deposit Accounts

Before continuing we need to map your payment types to QuickBooks payment types, click on the button below to map your payment types. Click into each payment type and map it to the desired QuickBooks Type.

2 - Map Payments 'Deposit Account' (optional)

This is an optional step - when you send payments over to QuickBooks you can set an account to deposit payments to.

Go to your 'Chart of Accounts' settings in QuickBooks, click on the Gear icon, then choose 'Chart of Accounts' from the menu.

Click on the Chart of Accounts entry to open it.

Once the entry opens you will need to write down the id that is show in the URL, then go to the Payment Types settings and enter the IDs for each of the payment types into the 'QuickBooks - Deposit Account' text-box.

3 - Map Products, Services, Packages etc to QuickBooks Products/Services (optional)

When we send bookings over to QuickBooks we can set the correct product/service for each line item of the invoice or sales receipt, but we will need you to map these entries in KennelBooker. 

Firstly you will need to set up the products/services in QuickBooks so that we can get the IDs for each of them.

When in QuickBooks click on the cog icon in the main menu and then select the 'Products and Services' option.

You can then add in your various Products/Services, by clicking on the 'New' button, and then selecting the appropriate option.

Once you select an option add in the name of the product/service.

Once you have added in you list of services/products into QuickBooks, head back to KennelBooker's QuickBooks Page you can get a list of the IDs you will need just click on the [Get Account Codes for Setup] button from the QuickBooks page within KennelBooker, you won't find these codes in QuickBooks.

When you get the codes copy them into notepad or a word document or just scribble them down, it's the numeric ID's in the brackets that you will need!

Note: Once you enter one Item Ref you will need to set a default Item Ref, that we use to send any un-coded line items to, you can set this on the [Set Booking Codes] page, a link to it is below.

Set codes for main bookings types, discount and tip line items using the link below

Codes for Additional Services can be set from the 'Additional Services' tab in the Settings, just click into each service and enter the numeric ID into the Accounting Code text-box.

For packages go to the packages page, and open each of the packages that you have and enter the numeric ID into the Accounting Code text-box, and save the item.

For products go to the products page, and open each of the products that you have and enter the numeric ID into the Accounting Code text-box, and save the item.


If you charge Tax, VAT, or GST you must link you tax rates in QuickBooks with KennelBooker you can do so from the following page, for bookings and products sales you can add your rate names.

You can get the numeric IDs of your tax rates from the list QuickBooks settings panel on the integration page [here]

If any of your Additional Services or Products are TAX/VAT/GST exempt please also list your 'No Tax/VAT/GST' ID.

Using the Integration

Once Connected the page will refresh and show you all bookings that have not been sent to your QuickBooks account. You can filter by Checked Out, Checked In and New Bookings.

If you have been using KennelBooker for a while you may have a large number of bookings that you do not want to send across to QuickBooks, at the bottom of the page there is a [Hide all Bookings] button to mark all existing bookings as having been processed.

To send a booking across to QuickBooks click on the [Send] button, once clicked the Customer and Bookings details will be sent to QuickBooks.

If the booking is marked as paid but has no payment entries are attached to it is sent across to QuickBooks as a Sales Receipt and the payment date is set as the checkout date for the booking. 

For all other bookings that have payment entries made against them they are sent across to QuickBooks as Invoices and separate payment entries are sent separately and linked to the Invoice 

Transfer Errors/Issues

If an error occurs an error message will be displayed and you will have to option to try resend the booking. If the system continues to fail to send the booking across to QuickBooks you may need to click on the [Disconnect from QuickBooks] button and reconnect. As the token we receive from QuickBooks can expire.

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