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Google and Apple Calendar Feeds
Google and Apple Calendar Feeds

Automatically add your bookings to your google or apple calendars!

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If you use your calendar on your phone or computer for managing bookings reminders such as Google Calendar or Apples iCloud calendar, we have two separate feeds that let you automatically feed in your bookings into your calendar automatically.

In the settings there is also a Time Offset setting that lets you and or subtract hours from the booking checkin/out time - sometimes depending on the time-zone on your google account you may needs to add or subtract 1 hour to account for daylight saving time.

Google/Android Instructions
Click on the 'Subscribe using Google Calendar' link, google calendar will then open in a new window and ask you to confirm the subscription to the calendar.

For this feed we display bookings checking in and out as separate events. So a booking checking in on a Monday will display as a event, and the checkout will display as a separate event.

For smaller kennels (with only a few bookings at a time) we have an alternative feed which shows the boarding and homestay bookings as a continuous event, when looking at the monthly view you will see a continuous line for the duration of the bookings.
​Note: Google only refreshes calendars every 12 or so hours.

​Apple Instructions
When on your iPhone or iPad click on the 'Subscribe using Apple iCal' link, your calendar will then open and ask you to confirm the subscription to the calendar.

When on a MacBook or Mac use the 'Subscribe using Mac OSX Desktop' link, this is the same feed that you use on your iPhone but the link to open the feed needs to be different for non-mobile devices.

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