Turning on Discounts feature and how to apply discounts to bookings

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Discounts can be enabled on your KennelBooker account from the 'Features & Settings' tab in the settings area.

We offer two ways of adding discounts to bookings; a percentage discount or an editable $/€/£ etc amount. 

$/€/£ Based Discounts
Once enable is from of discounting, whenever you go to a booking you will now see a new editable discount box where you can enter the amount to discount the booking by, enter the amount and click on the update/refresh button next to the textbox.

The page will then update and show the new balance owed by the customer.

Percentage Based Discounts
When you enable percentage based discounts you will see some new settings that can be configured. For percentage discounts you can enter set up to four pre-set discount rates.

When adding a booking you will be able to select a discount to apply to a booking. 

Once the booking is saved you can edit the discount percentage if required.

If you choose to select the second 'Open % Discount' option when adding a booking you will see a textbox that you can enter the percentage amount instead of seeing clickable discount buttons.

Setting Customer Specific Discounts

You can specify specific discounts on a customers profile, these discounts will be applied to a customers bookings automatically until they are removed from their profile. The discount will only be applied to future bookings added into the system, discounts cannot be applied to bookings already in the system.

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