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Add a Thermal Printer & Cash Drawer
Add a Thermal Printer & Cash Drawer

Add a thermal receipt printer and cash drawer to your KennelBooker setup.

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We now support Thermal Receipt Printers and Cash Drawers, to enable this feature click on the link below and turn on the POS/Till Receipts option.

Once enabled, you will see a new receipt option on Bookings, Sales and Receipt screens.

When you click on the Receipt icon a window will popup and ask you to print the receipt - Once your printer is connected to your PC or Mac - the first time you use your printer you will need set the printer as the default, and make sure the paper size is correctly selected! and if your receipts print with a huge margin - set the printers Margins to 'None' or 'Minimal'.

Once your receipt finishes printing the printer will send a command to your printer to open the cash drawer.

Note: Our Receipts are set to print out on 58mm paper. 

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