How to add custom tags to bookings, customers and pets?

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KennelBooker allows you to add you own custom tags into the system to highlight key notes about bookings, customers or pets.ย 

Note: Customers cannot see tags added to the system on the online booking system.

From the settings are, click on the Tags link in the left hand menu, you can then being adding your tags to the system by clicking on the [Add New Tag] button.ย 

When adding a tag you can add in the tags name and, You can also specify if you want customer and pet tags to show up on bookings.

Once you have added you tags into the system you can assign tags to bookings, customers, and pets by selecting the tag from the drop-down list in the tag panel on each of the appropriate records.

Customers Screen

Booking Screen

Pets Screen

When you click on the [+Add Tag] button in the header or the booking, customer, or pets page. You will see a tags popup.

Once added you will then see this tags on the top of the pets page, along with the bookings screen (if the tag when created was set to show on bookings).


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