Note: Make sure that the [Add Product to Bookings] drop-down list is enabled in the [Settings > Products] page

Step 1
On the booking page click on the [+ Add Products] button at the bottom of the Booking Costs panel.

Step 2
A pop up screen will appear, where you can select the product to add to the booking (you can select a category if you've set this up).
Next add the quantity of the product and click on the [Add] button.

Step 3
Once the product has been added it will appear in the Bookings Costs panel.

Step 4
To remove a product from a Booking or if you need to reduce the price of the item. Click on the [Add/Update Products] tab of the booking.

To remove an item from the booking click on the [Delete] button.

To update the price alter the price in the text-box and click on the [Update Prices] button.

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