Out of the box KennelBooker sends all emails on your behalf from our no-reply@kennelbooker.com email address, however when a customer receives an email acknowledging or confirming a booking and they click reply they will reply to your businesses email address i.e kate@kateskennels.com.

However, if you have a private email domain i.e. kate@kateskennels.com we can change the from email address to your own. Note: We cannot send emails from your email address if you use a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail address etc.
To change the email address go to Settings area and then click on the 'Email & SMS' option in the left menu, and click on the [Request Change] button. Next enter the email address that you wish to send emails from - our support team will register your email address with our email provider, once we do this you will get an email with a link to verify your email address - once verified we will update the email address on your account for you.

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