KennelBooker lets you create multiple different email templates. Once you set up your account we create 4 default email templates for you these include;

  • Online Booking Acknowledgement
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Email Receipts
  • Postcard

When any booking is made, whether it be a boarding, grooming or daycare booking the same default 'Booking Confirmation' email is sent.

But what happens if you want to send your boarding customers and daycare customers different information in the confirmation email? Simple with KennelBooker you can click into the default confirmation email click on the [Duplicate Email] button and set the [Booking Type] dropdown to Boarding change the text of the email template and click save!

Full Instructions

Go to the Emails & SMS tab in the Settings page [click here].

Click into the default Confirmation email 

Once the default confirmation email opens - you need to click on the [Duplicate Email] button to create a copy of the default confirmation template. 

Once duplicated - you can edit the text of the new email and select a specific [booking type] that the email will be used for.

Once edited [Save] the confirmation email.

Click back to view all template emails and you will see the newly created template

 If you have set up KennelBooker set up so that you send Email manually (as opposed to the system automatically sending the email when a booking is made). If you have multiple templates you can select what template to send your customer - you can even modify the body and subject before sending the email.

And with the templated email text!


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