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1. Email Settings

Within the system there are a number of settings that you can configure the effect how emails are created, sent, and delivered. When KennelBooker sends emails to your customers they will come from the email address, If you have a private email domain such as we can set you account up so all emails show as coming from this email address.

From the top panel on the Emails & SMS settings page, you have the option of changing the;

  • From Name

    • When a customer receives an email generally the email client will show this name instead of the email address, general email etiquette is to the following format 'Kate from Katies Kennels' but you are free to add in whatever you like here.

  • From Email Address

    • If you have a private email domain for you business such as you can set up KennelBooker so that emails will be sent from this email address, once you add in your email address you will then receive an email from a company called Postmark asking if we can send emails from your domain, you need to agree to this by clicking on a link in their email otherwise emails will stop sending from KennelBooker.

  • Reply to Email Address

    • If you use the default senders email '' and have not changed the From Email Address above, when a customer replies to your an email it will go to this email address

  • Add a Bcc Email Address

    • If you wish to you can set a Bcc emails address (blind carbon copy), this email address will be copied on all client emails that the system sends out. The customer will not see this email address on the email they receive.

2. Automatic or Manually Send Emails

You can also set the system to automatically send;

  • Email Acknowledgment emails

  • Booking Confirmation emails

  • Receipt Emails

If you prefer you can turn off these settings so that you can see the email the customer is going to receive, you can also edit the contents if you wish to before sending it.

3. Templated Emails & SMS

KennelBooker lets you create multiple different email templates. Once you set up your account we create a number of email and SMS templates for you these include;

  • Online Booking Acknowledgement

  • Booking Confirmation

  • Email Receipts

  • Postcard

  • Reminders (Email and SMS)

    • Depending on when you set the reminders to trigger you may need to modify the default template text of the E-Mails and SMS messages

When any booking is made, whether it be a boarding, grooming or daycare booking the same default 'Booking Confirmation' email is sent.

But what happens if you want to send your boarding customers and daycare customers different information in the confirmation email? Simple with KennelBooker you can click into the default confirmation email click on the [Duplicate Email] button and set the [Booking Type] dropdown to Boarding change the text of the email template and click save!

Full Instructions

Go to the Emails & SMS link in the Settings page.

Click into the default Confirmation email 

Once the default confirmation email opens - you need to click on the [Duplicate Email] button to create a copy of the default confirmation template. 

Once duplicated - you can edit the text of the new email and select a specific [booking type] that the email will be used for.

Once edited [Save] the confirmation email.

Click back to view all template emails and you will see the newly created template

If you have set up KennelBooker set up so that you send Email manually (as opposed to the system automatically sending the email when a booking is made). If you have multiple templates you can select what template to send your customer - you can even modify the body and subject before sending the email.

And with the templated email text!

4. Reminders

4.1 Email Reminders

From the Email & SMS settings page you can enable the Email Reminders feature.

Firstly, turn on the Enable Email Reminders feature, and then for each of the services that you provide you can turn on reminders for that service, you can also specify the number of days prior to check-in that the email will be sent out by, by default the reminders go out the day before check-in.

Reminder Email Template

From the Email Templates section of the page you can customise the text in the Email Reminder template to provide the customer with any important information that they need to know prior to check-in.

You can have one reminder template that covers all services or you can create reminder email templates specific to each service you offer.

4.2 SMS Reminders

Note: SMS Reminders are sent out at approximately 1pm the day before a booking is due to check-in.

To enable SMS reminders go to the 'Email & SMS' tab in the Settings area.

Once there enable SMS Notifications to view the full settings panel. You can add SMS credits to you account by selecting the package and clicking the [Buy Credits] button.

For counties outside the US & Canada you can set a sender id (this name will appear as the senders name when customers receive a SMS message. This name can be a max if 12 characters long.

Enable SMS reminders for the services you offer by clicking on appropriate check-boxes and clicking the Save button.

SMS messages are sent out using templates that can be edited at the bottom of the page. Every 160 character equates to 1 SMS credit.


5. Change Signoff in Email Templates

The placeholder in the template emails called [signoff], is made up of a few pieces of information gathered from your account settings.

Line 1: Kennel Admin Account - First Name
Line 2: Kennel Name (from the settings page)
Line 3: Kennel Phone (from the settings page)
Line 4: Kennel Website (from the settings page)

If you wish to change the signoff text the simplest thing to do it just remove the [signoff] placeholder and then type in whatever you wish to appear!

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