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Adding Products to KennelBooker
Adding Products to KennelBooker

Add products to KennelBooker, add products to bookings or create standalone sales for customers just wishing to purchase products.

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Products such as Food, Clothing and Toys can be added to KennelBooker and added to bookings or they can be sold as standalone transaction.

In order to add Products to KennelBooker click into Settings area from the left menu, then click on the Products / POS link in the left hand menu

Step 1
On this page you will see a list of existing products if you have already entered some.

If you plan to add a lot of products in the system you can add [Product Categories] by clicking on the [Add Category] button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2
To add a new product click on the [Add Product] button.

Add in the details of the product, the price, quantity in stock and category if using. If you have a bar-code linked to your computer you can also record the Bar-Code/SKU as well for quicker lookup. 

Then click on the [Add Product] button

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